Short Stories

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The Tower” :: A quick view of the main character (Detective Calvin Duster) in a series of novel I am planning, showing a bit of who he is and the values he has. Written for a Write-Off.

Souvenirs:: A look into the life of a soldier and his family around Christmas.

Another Day, Another Duty” :: Another look into the operations of The Black Fist, a mercenary organization.

Hope” :: A brief scene showing the effort of a man wanting to get home; also is the prologue for an in-the-works novel.

Ruthless” :: A story answering the question of what happens to traitors of the mercenary organization, The Black Fist.

Solus” :: A glimpse into the struggles of a lone soldier in the medieval era after a long battle.

Tahu in the Rain” :: A story detailing the Bionicle character of Tahu and his hatred toward the rain.

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