Below is a collection of my written works that I have posted on this blog. Clicking the links will lead you to the full story.

~ :: Introduction :: ~

As you look around the room, you see a dark being emerge from one of the chamber’s shadowy corners, his appearance silhouetted by the lone candles upon the wall behind. His eyes glow a bright, piercing blue, the only shapes discernible against his shadowed form. The mysterious being begins to slowly descend a flight of stone stairs, but turns and beckons for you to follow with a wave of his hand before continuing. You follow.

Torches on either side of the passage light your way, and in their amber illumination the being is thrown into relief; his armor glints of bronzed brown and silver, and two gleaming swords glisten upon his back. Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase, he stops, looks cautiously to both sides, and pulls out an ornate and ancient brass key from his cloth back-pack. He advances to a large wooden door, warped by time, at the far wall of the room, slowly pushes the key into the lock, and twists. An audible click is heard, and the heavy door swings open, revealing nothing but darkness. After taking a torch from its bracket, he beckons to you once again to follow with a silent motion of his hand.

The portal opens into a massive octagonal room, with a tall, spired ceiling. The cathedral-like room is dark, its eight walls shrouded from view. The only source of visibility radiated from a gigantic iron chandelier, filled with candles, slung high from the roof’s zenith. The mysterious being moves slowly to the side from the door, making his way toward a short stone wall set slightly inside of the outer wall. It is hollowed at the top, and this canyon is filled with a glistening liquid. As your guide sets the head of his torch to the fluid, and it catches flame, you realize that it is oil.

As the spreading fire rockets around the chamber on its eight-sided trough, the walls are finally revealed to your gaze; they are lined with bookshelves, all filled with countless old and worn books. The shelves extend upward seemingly endlessly, a tall, sliding ladder the only form of access. The being with you observes the room’s unveiling briefly, but doesn’t hesitate. He strides over to a nearby shelf and plucks one of the elderly volumes from its home, handing it to you.

Although he never said a word, the sparkle in his dark eye seemed to speak to you: Read.

~ :: Short Stories :: ~

The Tower:: A quick view of the main character (LAPD Detective Calvin Duster) in a series of novels I am planning, showing a bit of who he is and the values he has. Written for a Write-Off.

Souvenirs” :: A look into the life of a soldier and his family around Christmas.

Another Day, Another Duty:: Another look into the operations of The Black Fist, a mercenary organization.

I’m Still Standing:: [Bionicle Fanfiction] A story featuring the Bionicle character Takanuva, a being with the power of Light, in his battle against the greatest enemy he has ever faced.

Hope:: A brief scene showing the effort of a man wanting to get home; also is the prologue for an in-the-works novel.

Ruthless:: A story answering the question of what happens to traitors of the mercenary organization, The Black Fist.

Solus:: A glimpse into the struggles of a lone soldier in the medieval era after a long battle.

Tahu in the Rain:: [Bionicle Fanfiction] A story detailing the Bionicle character of Tahu and his hatred toward the rain.

~ :: Poetry :: ~

Eldritch Abomination” :: Written in the spirit of Hallowe’en.

The (in)Sane Man” :: A Villanelle written for my Creative Writing class — the first and third lines of the poem are repeated throughout (although can be changed slightly), and must conform to a rhyme pattern. The idea behind the poem was originally for a short story, but because the poem was due the next day and I had no better idea, I went with this. I still think I could pull it off better with a short story, so maybe I’ll write that some day.

Life of a Father” :: Written after attending my cousin’s wedding (and seeing another cousin of mine with her new-born baby) and for my CW class where we had to write a 12-16 line poem using sound techniques.

Staring Oceans” :: Assignment was to describe a photograph about a person and tell a story about said person in a page-long poem. I modeled the poem after this image.

~ :: Flash Fiction :: ~

(a challenge where I, along with a group of others, are given a theme and fifteen minutes to write about said theme with no other time for preparation or editing; listed from oldest to newest)

The Forest
Scientific Experiments
The Code
The Exchange
The Flight
The Beacon
Old Friends
The Recovery
Burning Bridges
The Search
The Battlefield
Attic Treasure
The Tower
Tormenting Chimera
Character Story
The Train
The Balloon
Old Friends
The Diamond
Tables Turned
Through the Eyes of an Animal

~ :: Novels :: ~

The Deadly Chase :: Details the story of CIA agent Vince Richards after escaping capture and trying to find his way back home. Currently being written.

Bob Did It :: A first of hopefully many novels to come in a series with LAPD Detective Calvin Duster. Being Co-Written with Industrial Serendipity from Perpetual Fiction. Currently only in the planning stage.

~ :: Other :: ~

Book Reviews :: Various book reviews I have written.

Essays (none yet)

~ :: Recommended Blogs :: ~

(here is a list of my favorite blogs — check them out!)

Perpetual Fiction :: A blog by three family members, one of which (Industrial Serendipity) I am co-writing a novel with, and have written much with him in the past.

(more to come)

Thanks for reading!

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