The Forest

15-minute write off with a few friends: we had a topic and had 15 minutes to write a short story about it with no planning/preparation. This is unedited, mind you, so not the usual quality of my work.

The Forest

I walked alone through a dark forest, nothing but the beasts of the woodland to accompany me. Yet I was content.

The moon shone ever so slightly through the thick foliage so that every few minutes I could glimpse the milky light. Occasionally I even had the chance to see a star or two, there for one moment, but gone the next as I took another step. My feet travelled over rocky terrain, covered in pine needles, leaves, roots of trees, and much other frondescence.

A squirrel scurried up a tree next to me. I turned to look, smiled. It was always so comforting here. So peaceful. There was no one to disturb me. Not a soul. Just me and the forest around me.

I came to a shallow river, the water flowing gracefully through the woods. I took a step in, allowed the cool liquid to inebriate my being. It was already cold with the spring night, but it was something I welcomed, so I allowed the glistening liquid to cool me even more. I crouched down, cupped my hands, and washed my face. Immediately it seemed as though my sense were doubled. I could see sharper, and the slight wind on my face became all the more apparent, chilling my cheeks.

Taking a large gulp, I stood up again, stepped out of the river, and made my way north, following along the bank of the river. After what may have been hours I came to a cave. It was my home.

I pushed aside the leaves I had strung as a crude door and stepped inside. I sat down on the cold, dark surface. I let my eyes wander, and they came upon a series of markings on the walls.

Memories flooded my mind. Memories of how I came here; unhappy times. I remembered how I was banished from where I lived, dumped in to the middle of this forest. At first I hated it, hated God, hated everything. I found this cave, making inscriptions on the wall showing my disgust, telling my story. But as the years went by I began to embrace the life they chose for me. I came to realize the beauty of the world we live in, and how the only way it could possibly exist was through a God.

I stopped trying to find a way out, stopped caring to get revenge on those who put me here. Instead I continued to live my life. To embrace it. To cherish it. To love it.

This forest is my home.


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